-What’s your photography style?

Mostly photojournalistic with a few posed portraits mixed in. During our portrait sessions and wedding day portraits we choose to guide couples and use gentle posing in portraits for simple and sweet results instead of heavy and stiff posing. We want you to look like yourselves and feel comfortable. The rest of the wedding day will be us observing without much interfering to capture moments as they happen. We tend to use mostly natural light but we’re not afraid to use flashes to light your night portraits and reception to perfection.

– What’s the point of an engagement session?

For us, it’s to get to know you better before the big day and to know what poses make you look awesome. For you, it’s to get great pictures you can use for whatever (save the dates, display at the reception, awesome facebook photos, ect ect) and to get more comfortable in front of our cameras so you look and feel more relaxed and natural when your wedding day is here. They’re a win-win and that’s why we offer them in all of our wedding packages. You’re welcome to choose not to do an engagement session but because we believe them so great for the process we do not discount for not having a session unless the couple is currently living out of state.

– Are you insured? Do you have backup equipment?

Yes and Yes! We have enough backup equipment to be completely safe to continue your wedding coverage if something breaks. If your venue needs our insurance info just let us know and we’d be happy to send it over!

-How many photos will I get? Will they be edited?

We average 50 or more photos per hour so 6 hour weddings always have at least 300 images, sometimes more, depending on how many guests you have, how much time we have for things like portraits, the amount of detail in your decor, and things of that nature. Every hour extra of coverage will have around 50 more images per hour. We don’t have a set limit on how many photos you receive, we’ll give you all the good ones and only get rid of things like duplicates, blinks, weird faces, ect. All of your photos will be edited, not just some, but only for color, lighting, and to get our look. We aren’t fans of heavy edits like airbrushed faces but we’re happy to remove a stray hair or pimple. What you see on our blog will be what you get.

-Do I have to buy prints from you?

Nope! We give you a print release to print wherever you want! You have the option to order prints from the online galleries we provide but it’s not required.

-Will you work from a shot list? Will you recreate my Pinterest board?

Not really. We will need your family formal groupings and if there’s anything that’s super important to you that we  wouldn’t ordinarily know about we’ll take a shot of (like if you want to do a first look with your dad or you’ll be wearing your grandma’s wedding gown) That’s really as much direction as we need and you’ll tell us all that good stuff a few weeks before your wedding in a handy survey. If we were handed a shot list with 100’s of different shots that were required to take we wouldn’t be able to get anything actually happening as we’d be too busy shooting what amounts to a photographic scavenger hunt.We’ve shot enough weddings that things such as bride walking down the aisle, first kiss, father daughter dance, ect. are common sense and we always take them. Just throw that goofy list from the knot out the window! Same thing for Pinterest boards as well, while we enjoy seeing what you’ve been pinning and what kind of photos you really like we won’t be able to get anything unique and special to you if we’re trying to recreate someone else’s wedding photos. If there’s a pose or two you’ve seen and like to try we are totally okay with that. Just don’t expect to look exactly the same because you’re different people and we’re different photographers!

-What kind of deposit do you require and how do you take payment?

We require $500.00 plus tax. We take cash, checks, credit cards, and money orders.

-Do you travel?

You bet! Indiana weddings that are farther than 30 miles from us require a small 50 cents per mile travel fee.

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